Angry Birds Stella Launcher

An Angry Birds-themed launcher



Angry Birds Stella Launcher is, as its name suggests, a launcher that lets you customize the appearance of your Android phone by putting the characters from the popular Angry Birds Stella on your desktop and menus.

The overall look of Angry Birds Stella Launcher is clean and pretty, with illustrations from the game in the background and customized icons for apps like the clock, calculator, calendar, inbox, downloads folder, and music player. All these icons are well-designed and match the background image.

Besides this significant aesthetic change, the truth is that Angry Birds Stella Launcher doesn't do much else. For example, you can't change the ringtone or the background image. Also, the app just doesn't have the widgets that other launchers do.

Angry Birds Stella Launcher is a simple and pretty launcher aimed mainly at those who are (huge) fans of the Angry Birds series. You've gotta really love the series to want to carry the famous birds with you everywhere.